Battery Discounts at AutoXpress!

    1. Offer timeline: 1st May to 30th June 2021
    2. With every free battery check at AutoXpress, the customer qualifies for a 10% discount voucher on batteries purchased at any AutoXpress outlet countrywide
    3. The voucher is valid for 3 months from date of purchase. This means that a discount voucher can be presented for later use within the validity period in the event that the customer does not wish to use it at the point of purchase
    4. A discount voucher is redeemable for ONE battery ONLY, up to maximum of NX120 90 AMPS or DIN 110 AMPS
    5. The discount voucher is redeemable ONLY once
    6. Every battery purchased and fitted at AutoXpress is eligible to a warranty once the AutoXpress customer representative checks on the car charging system and ascertain the new battery is in good condition at the time of purchase
    7. Warranty on battery is subject to a FREE battery check. If the battery is confirmed to be in good condition at the time of purchase, the warranty applies
    8. Applicable on Freebatt and Energizer batteries only!

    Validity of the battery warranty

    1. 18 months on Energizer and 12 months on FreeBatt batteries from date of purchase for private consumer use; i.e for passenger and SUV vehicles
    2. 12-month from date of purchase for commercial consumer use
      1. The 10% discount voucher is applicable on the retail price at the time of redemption and within the period
      2. The KCB 5% discount for card holders does NOT apply to this offer
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